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  • Tea Green Colorways Contact Lenses
  • Tea Green Colorways Contact Lenses

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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Tea Green Colorways are the best color contact lenses money can buy for an eye color change that works well upon all eye colors, designed using a bespoke method and coloring system that has not been seen on other contact lenses before,

    Colorways applies color to all eye colors using microscopic droplets across the lens to ensure full coverage with a more opaque effect that does not make your eye color look harsh or false, they ensure the color shows or blends on both light and dark eyes,

    As you may know it can be hard to find a color contact lens that you can return to time and time again because it fails to tick all the right boxes, but with the test results from Colorways they received a 89% result on customers who would return to buy them again,

    Colorways contact lenses can be worn for 60 days of your choice from opening over a 12 month period, they are non-prescription so this makes them suitable for all eyes, they are designed to blend or change your eye color and not alter you vision and fit all eyes,

    Tea Green Colorways contact lenses add the color light green to all eye colors, results can vary on different eye colors, Tea Green Colorways are priced and sold in pairs, the price you see is for 2 x Lenses,

    Buy the best color contacts today that is getting many mentions in fashion and beauty magazines, if you like color contacts your going to love Colorways,

    These Contact Lenses are in stock and ship World-Wide within 48 hours.