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  • Infected Zombie Special Fx Lenses
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    Infected Zombie Special Fx Lenses

    • Ref: FCL-J3-1
    • Original Price: $109.99
    • Price:

    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Special Fx contact lenses are medium base curve lenses and will fit almost everyone,

    They also offer no added vision powers so this makes them perfect for all eyes,

    These lenses can be worn for up to 90 days in a row or 90 indivdual days spaced out over a 12 month period,

    With High quality design and finish you will be sure to achieve that desired look,

    We do not show the prices for single contact lenses or sell single contact lenses,

    The price shown is for 2 x Contact Lenses,

    We do not increase the price when you add to basket,

    You can order now by simply adding to basket, by adding to basket you will receive 2 x contacts a matching pair at the price shown above,

    With over 10 years of experience in contact lenses you can rest assured you are buying from the best. is a major supplier of contact lenses to the movie industry with many of our contacts being seen in high budget productions,

    Now you can get the same amazing special effects with Infected Zombie Contact Lenses

    These Contact Lenses ship World-Wide

    Infected Zombie contact lenses are red and white in color, they are for use upon your eyes to create special effect results, they are not for correcting vision problems,

    If you have perfect vision and your vision is fine without prescription contacts or glasses these contacts are suitable for you as they will not alter your vision, if you have vision problems however and you wish to wear them you would need to wear them with your glasses, some do state they wear them with their normal contacts but we cannot offer advice on this,

    The base color of these lenses are white with red detail applied to the top which creates awesome effects, these contacts fall into a Halloween, Haunted House and Horror section due to the scary nature they let off whilst being worn on the eyes,

    Infected Zombie contacts are one of our best selling contacts over Halloween because they suit a variety of make up, costumes and outfits, we give these contacts a 10/10 rating,

    They can be worn for 90 days of your choice you do not need to wear them 90 days in a row, you could wear them for 2 days here 4 days there and so on, care and fitting these lenses is easy, you can find all the instructions you need on our website if needed,

    Our verdict: if you want to look awesome and shockingly scary this Halloween go for the infected zombie contacts without a doubt