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  • How to fit contact lenses
  • How to fit contact lenses

    Contact Lens instructions

    These instructions for fitting contact lenses below are only guidelines and do not give you all the necessary information you need for wearing contact lenses, for wearing contact lenses it is always best to contact your eye care practitioner to follow their advice,

    With contact lenses you can easily change the colour of your eyes, and with most lenses they are meant to be replaced monthly or when you exceed wearing these lenses more than 30 whole days over a 12 month period,

    Wearing the lenses longer than the period stated can cause them to collect debris which could cause discomfort in your eyes, so by replacing your lenses on a monthly basis you will always have a fresh and comfortable lens, to purchase Coloured contact lenses click here.

    Fitting Contact Lenses

    Before you start check your unopened lenses through clear packaging, do not attempt to open the packaging before checking the lens as opened contact lenses whether damaged or not cannot be returned,

    Wash your hands thoroughly before attempting to touch your contact lenses, this is to ensure that no debris or germs can be passed to the lens,

    Now very carefully remove your contact lens from its package or container, do ensure that you use extra care as this is one of the main stages that you could tear your soft contact lens, the contact lens will only tear though rough and incorrect handling,

    There is no preference to which eye each lens should go as non prescription lenses offer the same size lenses and have no added vision powers,

    Gently place the lens on the tip off your index finger on your right hand and take a look at the lens to ensure that it is right way up, clean and has no damage,

    incorrect way to fit contact lens incorrect lens shape.   correct way to fit contact lens Correct shape to obtain.
    Now hold your upper eye lid open with your left hand's index and second finger, now at the same time use the second finger on your right hand to open the lower eye lid, use a mirror for guidance, and very slowly and gently place the lens on your eye,

    If your eye lids start twitching as you try to place the lens on your eye don't worry this is normal as your natural senses are telling you that you are close to your eye, when this occurs your eye lashes can get in the way and prevent a correct fitting, so this is when we would recommend that you start all over again but this time look up instead of at the mirror,

    The above tip should help if you are having problems,

    Never apply the lens when it is folded or creased, as this can damage the lens and also cause damage to your eyes, the lens must remain in a cup shape at all times,

    how to fit contact lens
    A. Use your middle finger to hold open lower eye lid.
    B. Use your index finger to hold and apply the lens.
    C. Use your fingers on the opposite hand to hold open upper eye lid.

    Once the lens is upon the eye carefully release your eyelids and blink to help the lens become stable, your can now massage your eye lid to center the lens,

    For first time wearers your eyes can become very watery and feel a slight discomfort, this is normal and usually only last 5 minutes as the sensation of something on your eye does feel different at first,

    The more you wear lenses the less you will feel this, this does go away after a few days of fitting within seconds,

    How to remove contact lenses

    Removal is fairly easy, even though it seems harder if you have not tried before,

    Look up and hold your lower eye lid down, pull the lens downwards and gently with your index finger and your thumb pinch the edges of the lens and remove from your eye,

    how to remove contact lensUse index finger and thumb to remove.

    Cleaning and storing your soft contact lenses

    Always before inserting the lens and after removing it from your eye, rinse with soft contact lens solution,

    Keep your lenses in a protective storage case when they are not in use,

    Your protective contact lens case should be air tight and stop any contamination to the lens,

    The protective case should be filled with fresh lens solution every time you store them,

    If you do not wear your lenses that often it is recommended that replace the old solution in the protective case with fresh solution at least once a week, reading the Care for Soft Contact Lenses can help,

    Tips for first time contact lens wearers

    It is recommend that you lean over a clean surface when attempting to fit or remove your lens, this way if you drop your lens by accident whilst trying to fit the chances of damage is reduced plus you will find your lens easily,

    If you do drop your lens use the instructions above on how to clean your lenses as they will need cleaning again and re-checking for damage,

    Most people think soft contact lenses are slippery and slidey when in fact they are wet and quite sticky this is why using a flat surface will benefit, you do not want your lens picking up debris from the carpet, floor etc.,

    Never leave your contact lenses unopened as they can dry out and most important of all they can pick up harmful debris from the air which is not good,

    Don't despair if your have let your lenses dry out, dried out lenses can be rescued if solution is added and they are left to settle for 4 hours whilst soaking,

    First time lens wearers should read the Contact Lens Safety tips before opening their lenses.

    Important contact lens information

    • Do not let hair spray or any other cosmetic aerosols come in contact with your lenses.
    • Do not share your contact lenses with other people.
    • Do not participate in water sports whilst wearing your lenses.
    • Always remove your lenses before sleeping.
    • Always insert your lenses before applying any make up.
    • Remove your lenses before taking any make up off.
    • Always follow advise from your eye care practitioner.

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