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  • Grey Color Mx Colour Lenses
  • Grey Color Mx Colour Lenses

    • Ref: FCL-F6-4
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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Color Mx contact lenses bring maximum colour to your eyes for 60 full days,

    No weak tints from these lenses, blue is blue, aqua is aqua and so on,

    Strong, bright colours over shadow your own eyes natural colour to give you colours of Aqua, Blue, Green, Grey, Violet and Hazel,

    Color Mx lenses also have an outer ring around the edge of the lens to ensure the lenses colour your eyes to the max,

    Suitable for all eyes, as these lenses are only available in non prescription format, this means they have no added vision powers and will only cosmetically change the appearance of your eye colour,

    Color Mx contact lenses can be worn for 60 days if cared for correctly, they must be removed for sleeping and water-sports,

    These contact lenses are in stock and ship World-Wide within 48 hours,