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  • Glam eyes Blue Contact Lenses
  • Glam eyes Blue Contact Lenses

    • Ref: FCL-B12-2
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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Imagine being able to add make up to your eyes, imagine the effects, well now you can with Glam eyes Blue Contact Lenses,

    Designed to add shading in a make up artist sort of way, each glam eyes lens offers shading from the outer edge of the lens towards the middle giving glamorous results each time,

    With glam eyes all colors suit all eyes, get creative with your make up then choose which glam eyes match your make up, seeing is believing to really appreciate the results,

    The results come from the black brushed in outer edge which then shades into a brushed in blue, very unique lenses for very unique you, if your conscious about the way you look you need to put blue glam eyes at the top of your list for contacts,

    Glam eyes blue contact lenses can be worn for 60 days, they can be kept for 12 months once opened, the 60 days you choose to wear them are up to you, wear them 5 times a month for 12 months you choose,

    Glam eyes are suitable for all eyes and will not affect your normal vision, they are sold and priced in pairs which is 2 x lenses, the price you see is for 2 x lenses, so what are you waiting for, boost your looks, get the attention you deserve today with glam eyes contact lenses

    These blue glam eyes contact lenses are in stock and can ship to you today whilst stocks last.

    World-wide delivery -
    (voted No1 lens at The Ideal Beauty Exhibition)