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  • Freshlook Amethyst Contact Lenses
  • Freshlook Amethyst Contact Lenses

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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Freshlook Colorblends are the natural way to change your eye color to Amethyst whilst enjoying the luxury of comfortable lenses,

    Suitable for all eyes, Amethyst Freshlook contact lenses are non-prescription meaning they will not affect your vision and are designed for fashion purposes, designed for people who have no vision problems,

    They can be purchased with added vision powers but we only stock the non-prescription lenses as our main customers are for cosmetic eye color changes,

    By adding to basket once you are adding 2 x Lenses for the price shown, all our contact lenses are priced and sold in pairs.

    Freshlook Colorblends are a well know brand and offer a range a 12 colors, we have all 12 colors in stock with Amethyst just being one of the many colors,

    Full fitting instructions and guides on caring for contact lenses can be found upon our website,

    Order your Freshlook contact lenses today and they ship within 48 hours World-Wide.