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  • Fairy eyes Water Fairy Contact Lenses
  • Fairy eyes Water Fairy Contact Lenses

    • Ref: FCL-D11-2
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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Fairy eyes contact lenses are some what different to your usual contact lenses because they not only change the color of your eyes but they also give them a magical twist,

    The color is fairy twisted to give your eyes a mystical look, each lens is enhanced with strong colors and bold defining detail to ensure you get optimum results each time,

    Taking a closer look at the lens you will notice a black outer ring around the outer edge of the lens, this then swirls inwards to the pupil with the main color that you choose taking effect,

    Fairy eyes can be worn for 60 individual days over a 12 month period before they need replacing, they are suitable for all eyes, you don't need to be a contact lens wearer to wear these, they have no extra vision powers added making them non-prescription lenses, so now you can change your eye color for fun, beauty or to suit a special occasion,

    So why not try the hottest new lenses about today even the celebs are getting in on this action, we should know as we're the ones that have been supplying them,

    The price you see below is for 2 x Lenses, all our contact lenses are sold and priced as pairs.