Your Questions and Concerns Answered

Why should i order from

You should order from ourselves for many reasons, firstly because we offer the largest range of contact lenses you can find online world-wide and secondly because your order is protected against mishaps for many various reasons and also because we offer the best prices you can find.

How to Contact

We have 4 points of contact to ensure your questions get answered please do read the notes below to ensure you get a reply back,

1. E-MAIL : You can e-mail us at please include your Name, Order Number and Your Question

e-mail is always the best point of contact as we are an online business that serves customers world-wide.

2. PHONE: You can call us on the phone number stated at the top of the screen but please note our working hours vary to different time zones you may get passed to an answering service, if this happens please ensure you leave > Your Name, The Website Name, Your Order Number, Your Question and Your own phone numer.

3. LIVE SUPPORT: We offer live support when the staff are available and not packing orders, just because live support is not on it does not mean we are not here it just means we are busy, we answer all live support questions ourselves and do not use an agency, but please do not use the live support if it is offline.

4. OUT OF HOURS CONTACT BY SMS TEXT MESSAGE: if all levels of contact fail please use this service, our SMS staff are not trainned to answer calls but do have access to our databases and allowed to reply back by SMS text,

Please note you must state your NAME > ORDER NUMBER > WEBSITE ORDERED FROM and QUESTION, do not call the number it is for SMS text only, calling the number will go unanswered and you may get directed to voice mail which is not used for replying.

Failing to provide your name, order number, website you ordered from and your question will go unanswered, it is important you send these details in your SMS TEXT,

Mrs Smith > MS972010443897 > fashion-contactlenses > did my order ship

Mr Jones > GJ541255000145 > fashion-contactlenses > can i have my tracking number

Out of Hours SMS Text messaging has been set up so there is contact with our customers 20 hours per day it should only be used when you feel all points of contact have failed, the staff that reply to the messages are our invoicing staff and have details of your order to hand.

Send your SMS text message to: 0044 7714 526506

Can i return my order?

Yes if you have not opened your contact lenses you can return them within 28 days of receiving for a full refund of the lenses, but please note returning the items is your responsibility and ensuring that they have not been opened.

How do i cancel my order?

You can cancel your order if it has not been shipped yet, failing that if they have been shipped you will need to return them once you receive them in order for them to be cancelled and refunded.

Can i change my lenses for a different pair?

Yes if your lenses arrive and you are unhappy with how they look simply send them back to us with a covering note explaining you require an exchange and once returned back to us we will ensure the exchange takes place, please note we can only exchange unopened lenses.

I did not receive any instructions on how to fit the contact lenses?

Sometimes instructions are not sent out to customers as we do run out of print during busy times, however you can view the instruction here "how to fit contact lenses" also read "contact lens safety"

I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint, you can e-mail us or call us, if no members of staff are available to take your call simply leave a message and somebody will get back to you.

I have no complaints and i am happy with the products?

Thank you, as you may be aware review centers are mainly used for complaints than compliments if you could leave a positive comment on a review forum that would be great, also please let us know as we do now from time to time reward our happy customers with promotional products.

I am after a certain type of lens i do not see on this store?

If you cannot find a lens you are looking for and have an idea please let us know, you never know we are always designing new lenses and if it is your design that gets used next you will be more than welcome to have that design for free no charge.

Where is my order?

Being an online company we deliver lenses all over the world using the postal service, delivery times vary from country to country, state to state, delays can be expected over holiday periods this is always likely, here at we do not cause the delays ourselves we ensure all orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours, so if their is a delay it is most likely down to the postal service, your order is protected so you have no worries, but we cannot issue any refunds or cancel an order until 25 working days have passed, to which we then contact the postal service with our proof of postage for them to launch an investigation.

I have been over charged?

It is very unlikely you have been over charged and some what impossible, when you make payments for products from you are protected in more ways than you can expect, you are protected by ourselves, the banks, the payment providers and the credit and debit card scheme, overcharging is impossible as when you place an order on our website you are transferred to a payment provider which is ran by the banks, the payment provider then takes payment from you and sends you back to our website and then sends a contact to our account to let us know if the payment was successful,

The only was an over charge could go through is if you clicked the "pay now" button twice, but this would not be classed as an over charge and can be quickly sorted ourselves, the payment providers or you bank as this would show as an error, usually banks and payment providers pick this up in seconds.

How do the contact lenses come?

The contact lenses arrive in padded bags in either small glass bottles or plastic packets depending on which brand is purchased.

How do i contact

You can contact by e-mail, phone, live support or the new out of hours text service which can all be found on the contact us page, please note as a world-wide business some parts of the world are sleeping whilst were awake and vice versa we could be at night whilst your just getting day light, but we do aim to answer all contacts within 24 to 48 hours depending on the volume.

Can i wear any of the contact lenses in this store?

Yes anyone can wear the contact lenses within this store providing the do not have eye defects, the contact lenses within are for fashion use and only change the color appearance of your eyes not your vision, so if you have perfect vision and fancy something different then our lenses are for you.

I have damaged my lenses?

Unfortunately we cannot do anything when contact lenses are damaged after opening, we do state this on our mailings, it is very important that you check your contact lenses through the clear vials before opening, once opened the life of the contact lenses are in your hands to which we can no longer accept responsibility, contact lenses are very soft items and can damage very easily no matter how many years of experience you have.

How to check your order when it arrives to be safe and keep your product protected for a replacement or refund?

When your order arrives inspect each lens very carefully through the clear vials, look for chips around the each edge or rips, all are very easy to notice as the fluid in the vials magnifies the lens, if you do suspect damage with regards to rips, tears, stuck lenses, do not open them and return them back to us, for either an exchange or refund, please note we do note accept opened lenses back no matter the circumstances, by opening the lenses you accept they are free from damage and any damage after opening is at the result of your costs,

Contact lenses are very soft lenses and can damage very easily for many reasons, we recommend you use pliers when opening the alloy factory seal to prevent you from cutting your fingers, we then recommend that you use a cotton bud to remove the lens from the bottle, the lens should wrap to the cotton bud making extracting from the bottle easy whilst protecting the lens.

I am unsure on which contact lenses to pick can you help?

Yes we are always here to help, tell us what you are after and we will give you the best advice we can offer on finding you the perfect lenses.

How do i track my order?

If you paid for tracking you will have a tracking number sent by e-mail, you can use that tracking number on or if within the U.S. or if within Canada.

Where's my tracking number?

A tracking number should have been sent to you by e-mail if you purchased tracked shipping, if you did not receive for any reason contact us with your order number and we will gladly re-send it, if you only purchased standard shipping no tracking is available.

I have read bad reviews that this is a scam site, items never show up and that customers have been over charged?

As with most review sites they are the first point most customers choose to go to for expressing their negative comments, and more customers will approach a review sites to state negative comments than positive comments so when seeing a bad review it can look somewhat alarming, here at we do not go around trying to remove negative comments like a big majority of companies do at a premium to show a false clean sheet, we feel if that's how a customer feels so be it, because 99% of the time their comments are through misunderstanding and error on their behalf, please read below and we will explain,

Q. Why are you getting accused of being a scam website by so many customers?

A. We are a long serving website that has been online since 2006, our negative and positive comments date back further than newer websites as we have served far more customers over a longer period of time, as for being a scam website these customers are jumping the the gun, you will see videos on You tube saying we are a scam website and then you see them showing off the products they received from us, you will then see posts where customers have called us a scam website and then later added "oh they arrived" but this is much further down the page so not visible, we serve up to 1,000 customers per week and have been doing so since 2006, if we pestered all our customers that we have served to leave reviews then the negative views would not even be visible as there would be so many positive reviews, but we do not pester our customer after their purchases as we find this bad practice.

Q. What about customers who say they have been over charged surely they are right?

A. The majority of our customers are from the U.S. and the majority of complaints are from the U.S. with misunderstanding, all the prices on our website are in GBP which uses the £ symbol, we do clearly state on the website our prices are in £ GBP, unfortunately a certain few customers fail to realize this or even fail to understand currencies and their values, £1.00 GBP is not $1.00 USD as some would have believe, as of today the current currency rate at writing this is £1.00 GBP which is $1.55 USD, so if you placed an order today for £20.00 GBP the chances are on your statement if in the U.S. it will show as $31.00 USD which is the same value in money but not numbers, we do get e-mails daily from customers asking why they were charged more but the vast majority do understand and apologize for misunderstanding, whilst some no matter what you tell them fail to understand and say they have be ripped off, some even make posts on review centers and even approach their banks stating they have been ripped off, but as stated earlier in our FAQ it is impossible for us to take or request more money due to the set up of how payments are taken, as approx 1 in 1000 fail to understand the difference between GBP and USD, we have made arrangements that a USD price can be paid on checkout, you will find this option on the credit card screen where you can choose to pay in GBP or USD.

We would never rip our customers off and never could as we do not have the means to do this and would not see the point,

nature of the payment system:

customer places order on > customer is transferred to the payment providing bank for payment which only the customer and bank communicate on> when payment is made the customer is transferred back to > the bank tells if it was successful,

whilst the above is taking place fashion contact lenses has no access to credit card details or changing the figures, the only access fashion contact lenses has is a fraud report to state if the payment is genuine and the ability to issue a refund. (pretty much the same as paypal there is no way you could take more money), so it is with this information we state any claims of being over charged are false.

Q. What about customers that say they have never received their orders or refund?

A. Now this is a tricky one parcels can go missing as everyone knows, but there is no way we leave our customers in lingo, we have rules to follow and ensure that the necessary insurance is on all orders that ship, we obtain proof of postage on every single order that ships, so in the case that a parcel goes missing we issue a claim with the mailing company who then launch an investigation for insurance, whilst this is taking place the customer is fully reimbursed, but please note we always tell our customers that they must wait the recommended time given by the postal service which is 15 working days for the UK and 25 working days for the rest of the world including U.S., no refunds or exchange can be issued until this time has lapsed as the parcel is still deemed as in transit, so there is no way a customer can say different about being ripped off unless they are just jumping to conclusions.

Q. I hear never answers the phone or e-mails?

A. We answer all phone calls and e-mails, the only time we cannot answer the phone is when we are out of hours, to which you can leave a voice message, it is important you leave your name, order number and question, you would be surprised at how many customers just ring and leave a message saying "can you call me back", as you can see "can you call me back" does not help, we have no name or order number if you leave a message like that we do not know who you are, with regards to e-mails we do answer all e-mails we have dedicated staff that answer e-mails on a daily basis, sometimes e-mails can take 24 to 72 hours to reply if there is a large volume, however we have also have just set up a new service for even more contact options to where you can send an SMS text, we do everything in our power to answer all replies, please note though during October e-mails can take 72 hours as this is our busiest period and we can receive in excess of 3000 emails per day, if you have not received an e-mail after 72 hours please check that you did send the e-mail to and please also check that the reply is not sat in your spam folder.

Our advice: e-mail first, if nothing is heard back call or send a SMS text to our out of hours dedicated assistant.

e-mailing is the cheapest option as it does not cost anything, the next cheapest option is an SMS text, this was set up to help customers world-wide and by request of our U.S. customers.


It is not very formal for a company to answer questions like the above, but as we care about our customers we thought we should answer the questions ourselves to give you the customer a better understanding, is in business to be in business and that means getting what the customers order to them, so if you have any concerns what so ever please do not hesitate to contact us, and if you are a customer and happy with our services then please feel free to write a review on the review center to assure other customers.