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    Crazy contact lenses are a fun way to add expressions and images to your eyes that you would not be able to do usually, this is done by using a soft contact lens which has a high detailed pattern design upon the lens, The lens is placed upon the eye covering your own eyes natural colour, all eye colours are covered with ease whether they be brown, blue, green or hazel and no matter how dark or light they are.

    Wasp Crazy Contact Lenses


    The images above and below are of Crazy Eyes contact lenses you can click on the image to view the full range. Because crazy contact lenses are solid in colour the lens itself can look like it is hard when in fact they are very soft and have a somewhat slimy texture whilst being felt, the base colour of the lens is important as solid colours are what cover the natural colour of the eyes, a dotted base colour will still show some of your own natural eye colour, this is not bad but solid colours are always the way to go if you want optimum results,

    Venom Red Crazy Contact Lenses


    If we look at the Pure Black Crazy Contact Lenses you will notice that this pattern of lenses offers only one colour which is black and is solid to view, no light will pass through this lens which also means no natural eye colour will pass through either, the only place upon this lens with no colour is in the centre which is needed so you can still see with this being your pupil spot, but as they pupil is black and the lens is black this give a view of pure blackness to the eyes whilst being worn which can only be achieved with contact lenses of this type,

    White Crazy Contact Lenses

    Prices start from approx. 14.95 pair GBP / $21.95 USD

    The image below shows the pure black contact lens before use, whilst the next images shows the black crazy contact lens inserted on the eye, notice the difference as the results are awesome.

    You now may ask is it only one colour crazy contact lenses that are solid in colour, would a cat eye contact lens which offers yellow and black colours still be the same, the answer to that is "yes" the lens will still offer a solid colour, the main base colour on a cat eye lens is yellow followed by a black vertical slit which is sandwiched on top of the yellow still keeping a solid colour to the lens, this is the same for all crazy contact lenses that offer 3 colours and even 4 colours.

    The images below are of Black Widow Special Effects Lenses if you click on the image you can view the full range, Black Widow lenses are inspired from movie productions and used by large and small scale media production artists as well as professional photographers who hire models to model them.

    The crazy contact lenses stocked within our store are of Crazy Eyes brand which on average offer 100 plus lens designs to date covering all colours to suit most people's needs, the lenses themselves come in separate vials, one lens per vial, the vial is a small glass bottle with a tamperproof lid which is factory sealed to prevent contamination, all Crazy eyes are non prescription lenses this means that they have no added vision powers to them so they will not alter or correct vision like prescription contact lenses, in simple terms some people wear spectacles to correct eye vision problems whether they are long distance of short sighted, this is what spectacles were invented for, however as you know you can purchase sunglasses from most retail outlets and they do not affect your vision, this being they have no added vision powers so they are suitable for most just like non prescription contact lenses.

    Girl looking hot in white contact lenses      Guy looking hot in white contact lenses


    Understanding some of the words used with crazy contact lenses is also important as you may see words like DIA this refers to diameter letting you know the diameter of the lens, a 15mm diameter lens is quite large and will usually excel all of you eye colour, you can get measurements from your optometrist, but on average you will find the average diameter is between 14mm and 14.6mm, to see where a diameter is measured from simply look at you own eyes in the mirror the optometrist will measure from one edge of your eye colour right through to the other edge, and vice versa top to bottom, you cannot measure your own diameter as special equipment is needed,

    Base curve radius, abbreviated BCR or BC, is a parameter of the contact lens, values are from 8.0 to 10.0 mm, with the average being 8.4 to 8.6, The base curve is the radius of the sphere of the back of the contact lens, In everyday practice, if contact lenses feel loose and slides easily a smaller base curve may work better. A large base curve may be needed if they feel tight.

    All crazy contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days this does not mean that once you open them you have 30 days to wear them straight away or they go bad, this means you can wear them for 30 individual days at your choice within a 12 month period, however when they are not in use they must be cared for correctly to ensure they do not get contaminated or damaged, this is usually done with a protective contact lens storage case and soft contact lens cleaning solution, with the solution being changed weekly.

    For more information on contact lens safety please visit the contact lens safety page, you can also find additional guidelines for fitting contact lenses and how to care for contact lenses by clicking any of the highlighted words.

    Crazy contact lenses by Crazy Eyes are the fastest growing brand in the world, with endless satisfied customers all over who are happy with the results and the price which is also a very important factor, whether it be your animal instincts that sway you towards cat eyes, zebra eyes, crow eyes, wolf eyes or even snake eyes, or maybe you want to be more adventurous and step out into the darker side of demons and choose devil eyes, blood red eyes, vampire eyes or even the freaky pure white eyes ideal for the perfect fright.

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