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  • Contact Lens Safety
  • Contact Lens Safety

    Contact Lenses Safety instructions

    Contact Lenses are safe to wear but with lack of knowledge and experience potential problems could arise, If you follow the contact safety guidelines below you will minimise your risk of eye injury and infection,

    1. Never use saliva to clean your lenses, this can cause an eye infection through cross contamination and cause eye irritation.

    2. Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses, even before removing them from your eyes, avoid using soaps.

    3. Don't wash your lenses with tap water or other non specified liquids, again this can cause damage to your lenses and can also contaminate your lenses which would then be passed on to your eyes, only use multipurpose soft contact lenses solution by following all the guidelines given by that specific brand.

    Colortones natural colour contact lenses

    4. Do not let you contact lens multipurpose solution tip come into contact with other items, this can passes germs to the solution which would then be passed on to your lenses and then your eyes.

    5. Never share contact lenses with anyone, different germs can be passed around from sharing lenses. 6.Always insert your contact lenses before applying make up, and always take them out before removing make up, this will stop your lenses from becoming damaged and will also stop any cross contamination.

    How to fit contact lenses

    7. Never wear damaged lenses, damaged lenses will damage your eyes, throw damaged lenses away.

    8. Never wear 2 lenses on one eye, as silly as this sound many people do try this when they cannot find prescription lenses in a certain colour or style they want, this is very dangerous.

    9. Always follow any guidelines supplied with you lenses or seek to read guidelines if none are supplied.

    10. Do not go to sleep whilst wearing contact lenses, this can be dangerous and damage your eyes.

    11. Soft contact lenses are not recommended whilst participating in water sports and can cause dryness of the eye.

    12. Always have your eyes checked by a qualified eye practitioner at least once every 12 months.

    13. Do not attempt to add your own painted colours or dyes to contact lenses, this can cause toxic shock if the paints or dyes have not been clinically tested.

    14. Always ensure that your protective contact lens cases are sealed when cleaning your lenses, this will prevent dirt and germs from the atmosphere contaminating your lenses.

    15. Even though many people do wear their contact lenses passed the prescribed wear date this is not advised, irritation can be caused to the eyes as the lenses begin to collect debris.

    16. Never wear contact lenses which have passed their expiry date.

    17. If you drop your lens by accident, check for damage and if it appears ok proceed to clean the lens again, if damaged you must dispose.

    18. Always check your contact lenses before opening them, opened contact lenses are not accepted for refunds or returns by the majority of companies as damage is usually caused by incorrect handling, if they are opened you accept responsibility of the lenses.

    19. Never wear prescription contact lenses unless they are prescribed by your eye care practitioner, prescription lenses have vision powers and could make it impossible or painful to view things which can strain your eyes and lead to damage.

    20. Always clean your lenses after and before wear.

    21. If your lenses have been in storage for more than 7 days, replace the multipurpose solution and continue with this pattern.

    22. Replace your contact lens case at least once every 2 years. Any contact lens, prescription or non-prescription, has the potential to cause allergic reactions, bacterial infections, corneal abrasions and corneal ulcers, particularly when they are improperly fitted and cared for. Keep your eyes safe by following all the guidelines, good practice makes perfect.