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  • Color Attraction Amber Contact Lenses
  • Color Attraction Amber Contact Lenses

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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    If you are after a look that adds definition to your eyes and brings chic color with a professional finish then Color Attraction contact lenses are for you,

    Your eyes will not be plastered with bold color line patterns but instead will have a distinct look of color with super fine color iris patterns from each lens, the iris patterns are made up using 3 colors, the first is a ring of detail around the outer edge of the lens, the second is the main color which makes up 80% of the total color and the third is styling around the pupil and more detail to the main color,

    Color Attraction contact lenses can be worn for individual 30 days of your choice over a 12 month period and are the most comfortable lenses you will ever find,

    Suitable for those who wish to change their eye color and do not normally have to wear any eye wear accessories, the lenses have no added vision powers and a for cosmetic use, simply just to add color to your eyes, fitting and care instructions can be found online inside our FAQ section

    All Color Attraction lenses are priced and sold in pairs, the price you see below is for 2 x lenses,

    For those who require a Natural Looking color change to their eyes, Color Attraction contact lenses offer this by combining the finest detail upon each contact lens,

    Triple colors add a natural effect, the triple color is made up by the first dark color which is like a ring of color around the outer edge of the lens, the outer edge uses thin iris patterning so you get no thick lines from these lenses, this ensures that color attraction stay natural looking,

    The next color is the middle color or the main color, this is the color you choose it could be Aquamarine, Moonstone, Amber or one of the other impressive colors, the middle color uses the finest line detail which combines to all eye colors very nicely, but please do not be confused to think these lenses are bold in color which give you a better color change, the problem with bold color changes is that they do not look natural, but they do change any eye color very easily, now what Color Attraction did is add as much color as possible until they felt anymore color or bolder lines would leave the lenses looking false, which something Color Attraction are not about, these are professional lenses for professional results,

    The third color is the color around the pupil, and as with most pupils the color is always lighter, so Color Attraction did research in achieving the best color to use all round whilst maintaining the natural look,

    At first when you wear Color Attractions you may not notice a color change, it is noticeable but where it is very natural it does not scream out "I'm a blue eye" or "I'm a green eye", its more of a "wow i like your eye color" when you least expect it,

    Color Attraction maintains high standards of comfort whilst being wore and can be worn for 30 days over a 12 month period, the days you choose to wear are up to you, you have 12 months from opening.

    If it is not natural looking contact lenses you are searching for and you wish for a more stronger bolder color then consider Color Extreme, Fresh Colors or Eclipse Contact Lenses.

    Most of the contact lenses sold within the store have a minimum wear time of 30 days, this does not mean once your have opened them that they must be disposed of in 30 days from the seal being broken, 30 days means 30 days of wear, and the 30 days of wear is up to you the customer, you could choose to wear them 3 times a month for 10 months, or 6 times a month for 5 months, the time you choose is up to you,

    Opened contact lenses will keep for up to 12 months if cared for correctly, the 30 days of wear is given by the manufacturers, many customers have stated that they have worn their lenses long past these days, it is not advisable but does happen,

    You will know when your contact lenses can no longer be worn as they start to become uncomfortable this is a sign that you need to change them for a fresh pair but as stated above good care of them can extend their life.

    If you have any further questions with regards to the expiry of contact lenses please click the LIVE SUPPORT button now for further help.

    Yes the contact lenses stocked within our store are all non prescription lenses so they are suitable for a much broader range of people, non prescription lenses have no added vision powers so they are for cosmetic use only, they will change the natural color of your eyes cosmetically with ease, not interfere with your vision (even though new wearers experience slight discomfort for a few minutes whilst getting used to the sensation of contact lenses on the eyes)

    Non prescription contact lenses are the preferred choice with customers who want to change their eye color, and are worn by models, music artists, movie stars and many other high profile people to enhance their look

    what's the difference between non prescription and prescription lenses?

    as stated above non prescription lenses have no powers added, they are similar to lets say sunglasses for instance which also do not interfere with your vision apart from making things a little shaded, please note non prescription contact lenses will not shade you vision. now if we look at prescription lenses which we do not sell these offer powers to gain vision or decrease vision, if you had nothing wrong with your eyes and wore prescription lenses it would be hard to see correctly, this is why non prescription lenses are suitable for all as they do not alter your vision

    if you have defective eyes these lenses are unfortunately not for you, unless you choose to wear them with the aid of your glasses, however we are looking into stocking prescription eye wear in the near future..

    If you have any questions with regards to contact lenses being suitable for you please click the LIVE SUPPORT button for further help.

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    Special delivery and Air Sure mail is tracked so you can keep track of your order online, 1st Class and Standard shipping does not offer a tracked service but is very affordable.

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