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  • Blue Diamonds Crystaleyes Cosmetic Lenses
  • Blue Diamonds Crystaleyes Cosmetic Lenses

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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Crystaleyes contact lenses bring diamond sparkles to your eyes for 30 full days,

    These lenses are strong in color and work great on all eyes colours even dark eyes,

    Crystaleyes lenses were produced with the assistance from ourselves and leading Hollywood modelling agencies to bring a look that will be inspired and set the standards for years to come.

    Crystaleyes lenses are glitter coated which becomes visable once the lenses are upon the eyes giving shimmering effects,

    Suitable for all eyes, as these lenses are only available in non prescription format, this means they have no added vision powers and will only cosmetically change the appearance of your eye colour,

    Crystaleyes contact lenses can be worn for 30 days if cared for correctly, they must be removed for sleeping and water-sports,

    These contact lenses are in stock and ship World-Wide within 48 hours,

    Crystaleyes Blue Customer Feedback

    May 2012 - Mr J Watts, Southampton, UK "Loved the shimmer and such a rich blue colour for my eyes"

    June 2012 - Miss P Newton, Arizona, U.S. "Nice blue color but the shimmer was hard to see in the mirror"