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  • Basic Color Violet Contacts
  • Basic Color Violet Contacts

    • Ref: FCL-D12-3
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    Offer expires 31st Dec. 2018

    Simple no hassle contact lenses from Basic Color, quick an easy to fit with soft airy colors,

    Each pair of Basic Color Violet Contacts are one color keeping them simple and an easy choice,

    Designed using mesh coloring technique to keep the color light, soft and airy upon the eyes, Basic Color lenses are easy to use and very durable and comfortable to wear,

    Violet basic color contact lenses can be worn for 60 whole days and if that's not good enough they are also non-prescription contacts this means they can be worn on all eyes and will not alter or change your vision, the only thing basic color will alter or change is the color of your own eyes with a soft violet.

    Each pair of violet basic color contact lenses come factory sealed with tamperproof lids upon small glass bottles,

    So if your looking for contact lenses that are not to strong and not to weak Basic Color is your answer,

    These contact lenses are in stock and ship World-Wide within 48 hours,